About Duchess of Sparkle

My name is Chawn Waters and I am a Self Representing Artist in Jewelry Design (SRADJ #4801) which means that every piece you see on my site is guaranteed designed by me with a creative, ethereal, and clever flair. All of  my work comes from  my imagination so every piece is a one of kind quirky treasure, and none of my designs are mass-produced. On occasion there may be more than one variation of an item, but each meticulously handmade piece is crafted to be unique. I take great pride in purchasing one-of-a-kind, unusual components and handcrafted or limited-edition beads from other artisans to ensure that my pieces are totally original


My love for jewelry design started when I was just 8 years old. I had an interest for all things sparklie and I'd spend hours outside in the yard hunting for ideal rocks with just the right texture, sparkle and color. My parents had given me a rock tumbler and all my perfect choices ended up soft and shiny glued to a backing and proudly worn as my newest creations. I crafted beaded pieces over the years, but  began designing and creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry while living near Washington, DC. I had access to amazing museums stocked full of gorgeous minerals, sparkling gemstones and great art works.  I quickly realized that I wanted to create art in the form of jewelry and share my passion with others. I began mixing crystals and sparkle with handcrafted lampwork glass beads and natural minerals, gemstones, copper and silver. I feel that the blending of all these  textures allows me to create truly unique color blends and a wonderfully collectible style. 

My company is committed to creating beautiful works of wearable art for everyone at reasonable pricing. I am a gender friendly company and believe in supporting those trying to lead an authentic life, and I create it for everyone to enjoy

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